2014 IRS Refund Status

When you start filing your income tax return for 2013, it will be 2014.  The earliest you can usually file your taxes with the IRS is in late January.  There’s an announcement that usually comes around January 30: “IRS begins accepting tax return”.  So, for your 2014 IRS refund status you can begin checking a few weeks after you submit your tax return, the earliest which can be at the end of January 2014.

Visit IRS.gov For Your 2014 IRS Refund Status

To check your 2014 IRS refund status, the best and only source for information on your tax return is the Internal Revenue Service itself.  The Where’s My Refund? page is gaining popularity as more taxpayers use it and find out how easy, secure and reliable the page really is.

In fact, in 2012 there were over 132 million taxpayers checking their refund status that way, according to an IRS publication called FY 2014 Budget in Brief.  The number for the 2014 IRS Refund Status season is expected to be even higher.

Why Your 2014 IRS Refund Status May Be Stuck on “Processing”

Another item mentioned in that IRS document is the allocation of more funds to prevent fraudulent tax returns.  The stated goal of IRS efforts to combat fraud is to find the fraud before IRS refunds are issued.  Once that money goes out, it’s never coming back, even if you find the fraudsters!

That may explain some of the delayed refunds last year.  The IRS works to identify potentially fraudulent tax returns and will put your IRS refund status in an indefinite “processing” state until the return is checked over and either released or marked as fraudulent.  When checking your 2014 IRS refund status and seeing “processing” day after day, there’s really nothing you can do to change it or speed it up.  Calling the IRS refund hotline will only give you the same information: it’s processing.  So, keep in mind all the work the IRS is doing to prevent fraud, and wait it out unless they sent you a letter  indicating they need something from you like more documentation.


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