IRS Refund Schedule

There is a set IRS refund schedule which allows you to figure out when you will get your refund money.  The timing of your IRS refund depends mainly on three things:

  1. when you submitted your taxes
  2. how you submitted your taxes
  3. what form of payment you chose for your your refund

What is the IRS Refund Schedule?

Usually your refund will be in your bank account in one to three weeks if you chose direct deposit.  That’s one to three weeks after the IRS acknowledges that they received your tax forms, not after you put it in the mail or submitted it online.  If you chose to receive a paper check, the IRS will mail it to you anywhere from 3 days to 21 days after they receive your tax forms.

If you filed through the mail, don’t even start checking the IRS refund schedule until about a month after you mailed the forms.  It takes much longer to process the paper forms!

Direct deposit is faster and of course it’s very secure.  There are cycles, however, and sometimes you will receive your refund much faster.  In general, the turnaround time for most taxpayers is three weeks.

Where do I Find the IRS Refund Schedule?

To check your IRS refund status go here and enter your personal information at their government’s secure website.  Do not enter this information on any other website!


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